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Species of Marlin

Blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, white marlin...

Marlin fishing, the pinnacle of all big game fishing, provides an exciting challenge to any offshore angler! Whether you’re out to catch a blue, black, white or striped marlin, Zacatak Lures has the best marlin lures to help you land your dream fish!


Marlin belong to the billfish family. Setting a marlin spread is not a set-and-forget endeavour. The impact of a particular lure or color on your fishing target can be affected by weather, time of day and position within the spread. Be sure to have a variety of marlin lures to meet the needs of the moment. Check out our bestselling Zacatak Lure Packs, which take away the guesswork when choosing your spread!


Whatever your destination, whichever species of marlin you are targeting, Zacatak Lures offer an extensive selection of marlin lures to make the most of your fishing adventure! 


There are four species of marlin, all holding a stellar reputation for their speed and force. For the untrained eye it can be difficult to identify between the different varieties, but each has its own distinguishing features that make it unique.

    Blue marlin are one of the most sought-after catches for any deep sea angler. With its long bill, cobalt blue upper body and long sail of a dorsal fin, the blue marlin is an epic catch! This big game fish dives deep and runs long, jumping into the air with acrobatic grace.

    The blue marlin is one of the largest and most striking fish in the ocean. As with any sport, your greatest chance of catching a blue marlin is having the right gear and knowing how to use it. Trolling for blue marlin is by far the most effective way to cover water and find fish, and large, skirted trolling lures have been the ‘go-to’ blue marlin lures for decades. Blue marlin fishing can be extremely fast-paced and dramatic as well as monotonous and uneventful, but often it's a combination of both - hours of boredom interrupted by seconds of absolute frenzy!

    Be sure to make the most of your time on the water by selecting from Zacatak’s best blue marlin lures!

    Cousin to the blue marlin, the black marlin is in the category of the largest game fish in the world, found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The black marlin is also one of the fastest fish on the planet! This spectacular pelagic has been clocked unwinding fishing line at 85mph! Black marlin are distinguished by rigid pectoral fins that do not retract against the body.

    The best way to fish for black marlin is by trolling an effective spread of marlin lures. When preparing for your black marlin trip, be sure to select a variety of big game fishing lures in order to create the perfect spread in any conditions. Not sure where to start? Let’s talk – we’re here to help!

    Striped marlin are a pelagic fish native to the Pacific Ocean. Their range is the most extensive of any of the marlin family. You can fish for them with great success off the coast of California in the United States from June to October, with the best months being September and October.

    Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is famous for its striped marlin fishing, where you can charter a bot for this catch during any month of the year. The prime season however, is February to August. For record-sized striped marlin, New Zealand is the location to fish! NZ anglers can regularly enjoy hooking a 300 pounder, and frequently 400 pounders are hooked from December through to May!

    Zacatak Lures offer the best striped marlin lures for your fishing adventure which can be purchased individually or within our popular lure packs!

    The white marlin, or Atlantic white marlin, is a shallow swimmer, inhabiting the upper 40-100 feet of the open ocean. These offshore pelagics are close in appearance to the blue marlin but have no spots or bars om their sides, and they are the smallest of marlins. A white marlin catch will average 1.5-2 meters (5-6 feet) long and 25-35kg (60-80 pounds).

    These big game fish are notorious for spectacular tail-walking and acrobatic leaps in the air when hooked. The white marlin is found off the coast of the United States during summer months. It is the namesake for one of the most popular annual game fishing tournaments – the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, Maryland USA.

    Be prepared for the thrill of the catch with the best white marlin trolling lures!

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