Head Types


A tougher option, for strength and longevity

Preferred by many game fishing ‘traditionalists’, the theory with hard head lures is that attacking game fish will more easily slide down the hard shiny surface of the lure, onto the skirts and over the hook. It could also be argued that hard heads are more durable and less prone to being scratched or cut by toothy pelagics like wahoo, mackeral and dogtooth tuna, maintaining their clear finish for longer. 

All Zacatak Lures feature a crystal clear colour-tinted design and lumo glow eyes.

Zacatak Trolling Lures - Head Types  

Zacatak Trolling Lures - Glow Eyes


The bioluminescent advantage - all Zacatak Lures feature unique luminescent glow eyes to imitate distressed baitfish.