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Zacatak Lures are proudly handcrafted in Port Stephens, Australia. Our business is built on over twenty five years in developing and producing successful game fishing lures. Browse our full range of Zacatak Lures below...

  • Zacatak 9mm Trolling Lure
  • 9MM

    Don’t let its size fool you! The 9MM lure is absolute fish candy for all pelagic species including tuna, mackeral and dolphin fish.

    • Size: Tiny
    • Best Position: Long Rigger / Shotgun
  • Zacatak Bunga Trolling Lure

    The Bunga is our erratic swimming weighted head lure. With an unpredictable movement and long thin bubble trail, this lure mimics a vulnerable baitfish!

    • Size: Small
    • Best Position: Long Rigger / Shotgun
  • Zacatak Cracker Trolling Lure

    The mesmerising action of the gigantic Cracker makes it the perfect teaser lure. Popping out of the water before disappearing underneath, this erratic lure darts from left to right!

    • Size: Monster
    • Best Position: Short Corner / Long Corner
  • Zacatak Fatso Trolling Lure

    The Fatso is the lazy man’s lure - it’s almost too easy! In any position and any condition, the Fatso cooperates with a straight, tight swimming action and narrow smoke trail.

    • Size: Medium / Large
    • Best Position: All
  • Zacatak Long Neck Trolling Lure

    The Long Neck boasts a tight shallow manoeuvre that fish find effortless to grab. A cousin of the Fatso, the Long Neck responds well in all positions and is the perfect choice for a novice angler.

    • Size: Extra Small / Small
    • Best Position: All
  • Zacatak Midge Trolling Lure

    The chunky profile of the Midge provides excellent stability in all trolling environments. A genuine all purpose lure, it brings impressive commotion to the water and has become one of our most successful range of lures!

    • Size: Extra Small to Large
    • Best Position: Short Corner / Short Rigger
  • Zacatak Roach Trolling Lure

    With a broad head shake and serious splash when it breathes, the Roach is an aggressive deep diving lure range with an impressive smoke trail. A top lure to use in all conditions!

    • Size: Extra Small to Extra Large
    • Best Position: Short Rigger
  • Zacatak Smoka Trolling Lure

    Even when the fishing has fizzled out, the Smoka seduces in waters where other lures or live baits have failed. A versatile lure, the Smoka swims tight and straight regardless of conditions or how far back it is positioned.

    • Size: Extra Small to Extra Large
    • Best Position: Long Corner / Shotgun
  • Zacatak Sprocket Trolling Lure

    Famous for being effortless, the Sprocket range are our finest tournament winning lures. As a spectacular 'all-rounder', this big game lure has a tight swimming action that performs at all speeds. 

    • Size: Extra Small to Extra Large
    • Best Position: Long Rigger
  • Zacatak Thunderstruck Trolling Lure

    Zacatak's newest lure profile is the Thunderstruck. A distinct lure, it's extremely erratic in action, travelling from side to side with a double splash motion due its collar. This lure is a game changer!

    • Size: Medium
    • Best Position: Long Corner / Long Rigger
  • Zacatak Vamp Trolling Lure
  • VAMP

    The Vamp is an aggressive performer designed for maximum action, vibration and turbulence. The violent shaking action produced by this lure range is so realistic you'll think you're trolling live bait! 

    • Size: Extra Small to Extra Large
    • Best Position: Short Corner / Short Rigger
  • Zacatak Viper Trolling Lure

    With a powerful head shake and impressive smoke trail, the Viper is designed to be noticed! Known for creating a commotion on the water, this versatile trolling lure performs well in all positions.

    • Size: Tiny
    • Best Position: All


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