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It’s big, mean and angry!
A jumbo sized lure with an aggressive slant head. Angles are designed sharp for a cut-throat, erratic performance.
Explodes through the water with a hot-tempered torpedo action, leaving behind a turbulent wash trail.
With a splashy dive action simulating the appearance of feeding tuna, it’s a savage marlin teaser lure but still a fierce performer with hooks.

Key Features of Zacatak Lures
Every component of your Zacatak Lure is fit for a purpose, so that you can make the most of your time on the water.
Holographic Foil Insert
Creates a wicked reflective flash, drawing the attention of your target species to your lure.
Premium Quality Skirts
Your new lure will look as enticing to you as it will to hungry predators! Zacatak Lures are built with premium quality skirts handmade in the USA, jam-packed with vibrant color, glitter, UV and lumo glow additives.
Lumo Glow Eyes
The luminescent glow eyes imitate the bioluminescence of a distressed baitfish, which fire up angry pelagics.

Explore the Cracker Range
Choose from over 80+ Color Combinations!

The Reviews Are In
Find out why fisherman all over the globe are talking about Zacatak Lures.
“Our Cracker was smashed at the back of the boat by a big blue marlin. The fish was so keen on keeping the lure it almost broke our teaser rod… Impressive lure!” - Leon, Port Stephens Australia
"The Cracker is a big lure for big fish. Whether you run it with hooks or as a teaser, just make sure that it is attached to a heavy line, otherwise you are unlikely to have it at the end of the day!" - Matt, Bluewater Magazine
"We ran the Cracker on the rigger along with skip and swim baits and it was the most successful. We ended up getting four big black marlin, the biggest 800lb+!" - Brett, Cairns Australia

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Cracker Lure Specs
Available in Monster 16".
Best Trolling Position/s:
Recommended Trolling Speed: 6-12 knots.
Want Your Lure Rigged? No Problem
Be ready to fish from the moment you receive your order!
The Zacatak Twin Hook Shackle Rig, featuring two stainless steel Mustad 7691S big game hooks, is the ultimate game fishing rig. All Zacatak rigs are professionally built in-house using quality Momoi leader (150lb, 200lb & 300lb) or Shogun Ice Blue leader (400lb).

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